Deeege 5-in-1 Chinese Karaoke Machine

2024 NEW Chinese Karaoke Machine
Integrated microphone receiver, power amplifier, reverb, host system, touch screen
$599.00 $899.00
18.5-inch 4K high-definition screens
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English interface
1,000,000+ cloud music library permanent free download
A smart karaoke machine that can be used by both the elderly and children
Ship To:  United Station(110-120V)
Storage:  2T(40K~50K Songs)
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Accessories list

The Host
x 1
x 2
Atmosphere light
x 1
HDMI cable
x 1
RCA cable
x 1
Speaker Cable
x 1
Charger & Battery
x 1
Touch Screen Dust Cover
x 1
Premium Mic
x 1
1 million song library
x 1

5-IN-1 Initial password: 123456 

Click to view》:Instructions for Connecting Speakers

Click to view》:Machine manual

Click to view》:User's Guide

Unboxing and Installation

Deeege-迪格 5-in-1 Chinese Karaoke Machine

Connecting speakers of different sizes

The singing effect depends on speaker size and power

Redefine family KTV

What are the benefits of having a Chinese karaoke machine at home?

Freedom: Sing anytime, anywhere

Economy: One investment is free for a long time

Social: Gathering with friends can add to the fun

Learning: Children can learn Chinese by singing

Show off: Practice singing at home and then go to KTV to become a blockbuster

Helpless: KTV is not everywhere in foreign countries

What functions should a Chinese karaoke machine have?

1. High-definition sound quality: Chinese karaoke machines should have high-quality audio output to ensure the sound quality of singing.

2. Large song library: A good Chinese karaoke machine should have a rich song library, including songs of various styles and ages, to meet the needs of different groups of people. At the same time, the song library should be easily updated so that the latest songs can be obtained in time.

3. User-friendly operation interface: The Chinese karaoke machine should have an intuitive and easy-to-use operation interface, so that users can easily find and select favorite songs.

4. Synchronous display of lyrics: Chinese karaoke machines should support the function of synchronous display of lyrics, so that users can better sing along with the lyrics.

5. Sound effect adjustment: Chinese karaoke machines should have sound effect adjustment functions, including reverberation, pitch, volume, etc., so that users can adjust sound effects according to their preferences and needs.

6. Dual microphone support: In order to facilitate many people to sing together, the Chinese karaoke machine should preferably support dual microphone input, so that users can sing in chorus or duet.

7. Connectivity: The Chinese karaoke machine should have good connectivity and support connection with various devices (such as TV, stereo, mobile phone, etc.) for the convenience of users.

8. Extended functions: Some Chinese karaoke machines also have extended functions, such as scoring systems, singing competitions, interactive games, etc., to provide users with more entertainment options.

9. Stability and durability: The Chinese karaoke machine should have good stability and durability to ensure that it is not prone to failure during long-term use.

Why choose a five-in-one Chinese karaoke machine?

First: save time and effort, no installation, just connect and use

Second: the singing equipment is integrated, eliminating the trouble of purchasing accessories

Third: save space, you can sing anytime, anywhere

Fourth: No need for professional operation settings, both the elderly and children can use it

Why choose us? What pain points did we solve?

One is the price: the desktop karaoke machines currently on sale in North America start from $300 without a touch screen, and start from $600 with a touch screen. If you bring a pair of unknown-brand microphones, the price will be more than $800, and the offline price is even higher. It has exceeded $1000, and the KTV set has exceeded $2000.

The second is quality: the biggest part of the cost of karaoke machines lies in their hard disk, and the most worrying quality is also its hard disk, so we use hard disks of world-renowned brands to ship randomly;

The third is MV connection: the MVs of many manufacturers’ songs are landscapes or models that have nothing to do with the content of the songs. This is especially obvious on new songs. It is estimated that the manufacturers do not have complete copyrights. For example, they only purchased the right to use the song, but they do not own it The right to use the MV, and our songs are all genuine audio sources and MVs, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of KTV immersively.

Fourth, song resources: there are very few songs in traditional karaoke machines! No matter if it claims to have 80,000, 180,000, or 580,000 songs, the old songs account for the majority. When you want to sing a certain song, you can’t sing it, and the update speed can’t keep up.

Frequently asked questions

I don't see the speaker model I'm using in the installation video, can a karaoke machine be connected?

Can connect! The two included audio cables work with almost any audio device on the market, whether it's home speakers, pro speakers, or sound bars. Even if your audio only has one external interface, you only need to buy a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

Can a TV be used as a speaker/stereo/horn for a karaoke machine?

Can't! The TV connected to the karaoke machine can only play video and sound, but the microphone cannot be used. The HDMI connected to the TV cannot transmit the sound of the microphone. If you want to use the microphone, you must connect an active speaker or a passive speaker through the Audio out interface on the back of the karaoke machine. Or the speaker interface outputs microphone sound.

What does 2T/4T/8T stand for?

It represents the internal storage of the karaoke machine. The 2T can store about 50,000 songs, the 4T can store about 100,000 songs, and the 8T can store about 200,000 songs. Local storage is mainly convenient for singing when you want to sing. Online songs need to be downloaded online to play.

Does a Chinese karaoke machine need an amplifier?

Unnecessary. Both the 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 have built-in power amplifiers and have built-in power amplifier functions. You can set the volume and amplifier function of the song in the settings.

What if there is no song I want to sing?

Deeege Chinese karaoke machine supports network update and download of songs and also supports U disk to import songs. If you can't find the song you want to sing in the local storage of the jukebox or in the online library of 1 million songs, you can download songs and MVs from the Internet, import them to the jukebox for playback and karaoke, or contact us to provide free cloud service for uploading songs, follow-up You can download it for free.

How to guarantee the after-sales service of Chinese karaoke machines?

The machine is guaranteed for one year after the order is placed, and we have a local maintenance point in the United States, and the door-to-door pick-up and maintenance costs incurred will be borne by us.